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J. Michael Shew jshewkc at pei.edu
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	Just found this on the OldNorseNet.  Perhaps someone has use for
it.  I do mostly ealier research.

	Thomas: could this contain the answers to your questions about a
Norse-Irish connection in folk songs?

	Mikal Hrafspa

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Last year (october-96) I released an album with Scandinavian medieval
ballads - (Veslemy Solberg: The Strength of the Runes; Nordicae 1996).
Many of the ballads (I also think the ones you describe) exist in several
Scandinavian countries  (different variants of the same ballads).

One of the characteristics of the medieval ballad is in fact its
internordic aspect.
We have text variants of many ballads from all the Scandinavian countries
and some are also found outside of Scandinavia , on the other side of the
North Sea. According to recent ballad scholarship, the ballad genre's
Nordic history started as courtly literature in Norway, probably in the
last two or three decades of the 13th century.

The Danish variants are to be found in "Danmarks gamle Folkeviser"
volumes). In Sweden, you can contact "Svenskt visarkiv" (The Swedish
for Folk Song and Folk Music Research) Hagagatan 23 B, S-113 47 Stockholm.
Tlf: +46 8 34 09 35, Fax: +46 8 31 47 56 - and in Norway: "Visearkivet"
(Archives for Folk and Popular Song), Tollbugt. 28, N-0157 Oslo. Tlf: +47
22 42 90 90, Fax: +47 22 42 90 91.

Our CD can be ordered from: Musikkoperatrene AS, Tollbugt. 28, 0157 OSLO.
Tlf: +47 22 33 03 09 and Fax: +47 22 41 20 41.

Veslemy Solberg

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			The Hamaval  (translation mine)

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