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One of the earliest modern filks (as opposed to Early Modern "filks") I 
came across was to the tune of "Greensleeves," and the chorus ran 
something as follows:

"Greensleeves" is all I hear
"Greensleeves" both day and night
"Greensleeves" is everywhere
I cannot take any more "Greensleeves!"

This reminds me of a version I heard a snatch of in Caid, many years agone:

"Is that the only tune you know?"
"On the horns you bray, on the pipes you blow"
"You'd better turn it way down low"
"or soon you will be black-and-blue sleeves!"

Would anyone happen to have the complete verse to this?   Also, are there any
Caidans out there who would have the complete verse to "Homeboy Viking"?   

Inquiring minds want to know.


Gunnar Redbeard (take two before meals)
RBoyd40076 at

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