minstrel: Cultural Transmigration (was The Coming of Spring)

TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Thu Jan 16 10:47:11 PST 1997

The warp-spasm is not quite the same thing as your Bear Shirt crowd.  For one
thing, the 9 feet of smoking black blood spurting from the head, etc.
 Possibly related, but I see the "monster hero" in American indian,
Australian aborigine tales more often.  Freja/Bridget?  Hmmnn.  That one I'll
look into.  As to the meter and rhyme, the ancient Bards supposedly knew 200
forms, and considering some just natural lend themselves to public
Now I see definite crossover in minor folklore, Trolls, Selkies, Swanmay's,
Dwarves, etc. (especially on the northern islands, coast line etc.)  Also the
Cauldron of inspiration... much like the one that Odin went to, that
contained all knowledge, suspended by an Ash tree.  
This directly cross correlates to the various Cauldrons of Celtic myth, and
also Celtic Ritual sacrifice, etc.  I wonder if we are looking at just
different variations on Indo-European Shamanic types, or actual
transmigration of mytho's.
Do you see much shapechanging in Norse mytho's, aside for barsarkers (and
residual werewolf tales).  The Celts seemed to do it all the time.  To me,
it's just odd that we don't have any folksongs that were taken from the
Norse, or Myths with names that are similiar, etc.  Things that make
Storytellers go Hmmmmn..._/;{]}True(Hmmn..)Thomas White Hart

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