minstrel: The Coming of Spring

JP Andrews jpathomas at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 13 17:10:09 PST 1997

>Very pretty Thomas.  (But I'm not suprised that people did not line up to
>compete against you, I've heard you sing...) Maybe we can get you to reprise
>it at GWW. 

Thank you Thomas (I feel like I'm talking to myself;-), I'm pleased you 
thought well of it. I wish I could say that my incredible still and good 
looks had scared away all the competition (yah, right!), but alas, it 
would not be true.  I didn't enter because, as I said, I didn't think the 
song had enough to do with winter, which was the theme.  I'm not sure why 
no one else entered, but I think it had more to do with the low 
attendance at that particular 12th Night (and Caid's historic dislike of 
bardic competitions) than anything else.

Besides, there are no shortage of people who could hold there own in any 
bardic competition you'd care to name.  You and JJ come to mind...


JP Andrews
(Lord Thomas Bordeaux)
Je voudrais que la tondeuse a gazon ecrase le chat du voisin...

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