minstrel: The Coming of Spring

TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Mon Jan 13 18:25:38 PST 1997

Very pretty Thomas.  (But I'm not suprised that people did not line up to
compete against you, I've heard you sing...) Maybe we can get you to reprise
it at GWW. 

Seems that any song that deals with a commonality, ie weather, seasons,
birth, death, cross the boundries of religeon, and culture.  Some of my
favorite stories, I've "transliterated" into Celtic, just like in the old
days...(many "traditional" folk tales were actuall german, greek,etc.  The
Celts just love a good story.)
So far I have met with success, but I had a little Chinese girl come up to me
once, and say...("Wow, I did'nt know that was a Celtic story, my grandmother
told it to me all the time, in Chinese")  "Ah, well, The Irish got around,
don'tcha know".  Just goes, to show, a good song or story can't be stopped.
One of my current mysteries...usually when two cultures meet, they exchange
mythologies.  I have not seen any "hard corps" Irish tales brought over from
the Norse Mythos.  We know that the Vikings had time, and really good
stories.  I wonder why there wasn't more "mythic transmigration"  Mikal?

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