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TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Fri Jan 10 15:26:41 PST 1997

alright----get out the Marshmallows, True is gettin on the Soapbox!

My biggest peeve with Pagans and Christians both, is that a lot of them do
not know the stories, or the history of their religeons. (Gnash/Foam!)  How
can you pray to Celtic or Norse gods, if you have not read the Prose Edda, or
the Battle of Moy Tura, or the Tain?  Was Loki bad? You betcha!  Did he save
the Norse gods, put a wall around the City, get Sleipner for Odin...That too!
 The same could be said for almost any God/Goddess.  I'm not saying that you
have to devote your life to Indo-european archeological linguistics.  What I
am saying is that our predecessors have been on this planet a long time
before the advent of writing, and were at times, as philosophically advanced
as we are today, maybe more so!  The stories had power...the power to inflame
the mind.They are easily accessable.  And as a storyteller, I run into people
who time, and time again come up to me after I do a mythological tale and say
"WoW" "I never realized.. ...."
I think our job as Bards today, is to bring the treasures of old into the
light of the new...in song and story.  Mikal's song is just another glimmer
of gold in the river! (And another thing arrghhllFFairiesarrrgurrr...Whack!,
Whud, Thud, Gag, Tie, sccccraaappee...................True Thomas as he is
dragged off his Soapbox by the PC police........)_/;{]}

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