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Katherine Penney Katherine_Penney at ccm.jf.intel.com
Fri Jan 10 13:34:00 PST 1997

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     >Not really.  In this case the structure is more SCA Modern, unlike
     >most of my work.  That's why I asked for commentary.  I don't do a lot 
     >of serious Modern stuff.
*grin* As long as you *know* that's what you're writing, I have no beef to 
grind... :)
     >The lyric, perhaps.  The subject is old, according to my research.
     >The Christianization of Ireland was peacable, for the most part.     
     >But there was quite a bit of "peer" pressure, resulting in isolated  
     >pockets of the old religions holding on for long periods of time.
Were there any extant songs with a similar subject?  It was not so much 
the subject but the method of choosing words (i.e. modern vs. medieval) 
that was throwing me off.  HOWEVER, since you have explained you were 
using an SCA modern style, I can understand better the influences you had 
when writing this.

BTW, where did she go away to, and for how long, that people are waiting 
for her to triumph again, and who beat her?

change taken, btw...



PS if you ever feel like writing a Broadside Ballad, just let me know!! :)

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