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     Do work for Purple?
     I'd *love* to!!! :)  heheh.... :)
     I'm working on a booklet for a class I'm teaching in *gasp* DEAR GOD, 
     ONLY 6 WEEKS!!!!  I guess I need to get working on it a little 
     I'll send you some midi files if I can...I've never done "midi" 

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Subject: Re: minstrel: Greensleeves-complete song list
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>      I've got a few of the broadsides to greensleeves, I'll see if I can 
>      dredge them out of my brain and books soon.
The original Greensleeves is on my pre-1600 Ballads web page. I'm 
going to be scanning a few more to the tune as part of that project.
Speaking of projects, would one of you folks talking about music 
software like to take Vladislav's "Medieval Melodies for Filking" and 
produce MIDI files for them? The pay is low, but it would be a great 
addition to the page.
Gregory Blount

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