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Mon Jan 6 15:55:56 PST 1997

Monica Cellio wrote:
their low-end
> tool is called Music Time and I believe it's under $50.  In theory you

MuscTime Delux - it's better than what they used to have.  $50.

> can connect a MIDI keyboard for entry (I don't have a MIDI keyboard so I've
> never tried this), 

I have - it's frustrating to try to stay with the metronome, and even
more frustrating if you don't.  It is, however, the fastest method of
input if you are very good on the keyboard.  My best use of this
product, however, is the point and click, which is WAY easy, especially
if you use the number-key shortcuts for selection of note durations. 
THose of you just learning can input sheet music by matching the notes
visually, then having the program play the piece back for you.  Even
easier is to find the MIDI track on the Web and have MusicTime turn it
into sheet music FOR you.  I have a ton of renaissance music gleaned via
this technique.  For MIDI tracks, try the following: 

	http://www.prs.net/midi.html  (Classical MIDI Archives)
	http://www.is.csupomona.edu/~jcclark/emusic/emusic.html (Early Music
MIDI by Curtis Clark)

For those of you that would much rather learn things by ear, the MIDIs
can be played by using a NetScape plug in from "Crescendo!" which is
available via a connection through the Classical MIDI Archives.  I
personally love the thing.

> It does
> reasonable typesetting and playback, though the latter has some annoying
> quirks (that go away in the higher-end programs).

example: creating a slur is a tedious process likely to drive you up the
wall in three short steps.  Ties, on the other hand, are an absolute
breeze.  Why? So they CAN sell you their upper end product for more.

For a demo of MusicTime, IBM AND MacIntosh versions, go to:


and choose "Free Stuff".
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