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Baker, Mike mbaker at rapp.com
Mon Jan 6 13:47:00 PST 1997

Mikal, glad to see that you are not "gone".

Now, about that translation:

>    That he is bright, let no man boast
>    But take good heed of his tounge
>    The silent sage , will seldom need grief
>    They are honored here in the hall
>    A friend more faithful, you will never find
>    Than a shrewed head on your shoulders
               The Hamaval  (translation [Mikal Hrapsfa])

Is a "shrewed" head one nibbled upon by small rodentia, or perhaps instead 
one heaped with abuse by a nagging spouse?


(I *think* the moderne Aenglysh spellynge you were actually looking for is 
"shrewd", although my spell-check in the mail programme didn't blink once. 
Arrggh. However, knowing a little about your devious ways, I begin to wonder 
if you DID have ulterior motives... my one-celled brainless automatic 
spell-checker also caught "tounge" instead of modern "tongue".)

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