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Monica Cellio mjc at telerama.lm.com
Sun Jan 5 19:31:27 PST 1997

As I understand it, Finale can do anything, but much of it with difficulty.
I don't have first-hand experience with it, unfortunately.

A program that competes with Finale is Encore (from Passport Designs).
Encore is also expensive, but it has some younger siblings; their low-end
tool is called Music Time and I believe it's under $50.  In theory you
can connect a MIDI keyboard for entry (I don't have a MIDI keyboard so I've
never tried this), or you can click the notes onto the staff.  It does
reasonable typesetting and playback, though the latter has some annoying
quirks (that go away in the higher-end programs).  I'm currently using
Rhapsody, which is somewhere between Music Time and Encore, and I'm pretty
pleased with it.

There is also a program out there called Noteworthy Composer (try 
www.nworthy.com or www.noteworthy.com).  I've heard good things about it,
and it's $39.  It's semi-shareware; you can get a player for free and I
presume some sample files to see what it looks like, but you have to pay
the registration fee to be able to compose (save and print).  I've seen the
player but not the composer (or any printed output).

As an aside, all of these are for Windows.  I'm sure some or maybe even 
all of them are available for the Mac, but I'm a PC person so I don't know
for sure.

Monica (Ellisif)

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