minstrel: Happy New Year

Dick Eney dickeney at access.digex.net
Sat Jan 4 10:01:22 PST 1997

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Laura McKinstry wrote:

> ps - AFTER you have learned to read music, if you have an IBM-compatible
> computer, ask me about the $50 music program I compose my music on.  It
> allows you to listen as you go, so if you make a mistake, you can
> correct it on the page before printing it out.

Tell us something about it, at least.  I'm strictly a sing-by-ear person,
and this sounds like it could be used to give a start on relating the
written notes to a tune I already know...I can pick one out by sounding
the notes until I hit the right one, and then memorizing the finger
movements that produce that, but it only works on single songs and not
at all on songs I haven't heard yet.

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