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umwhit46 at cc.UManitoba.CA wrote:
Is it
> possible for adult to teach *herself/himself* how to read music?

I believe so, though I learned at a young age like many of the others,
but you WILL need help from either a "teach yourself" book or computer
software.  Fortunately, both exist.  The books are generally going to be
attached to an instrument, though; keyboard (piano), or recorder, or
harp, or what have you.  Sometimes, as in the case for my favorite adult
folk harp course, there will be an accompanying video.

My husband taught himself the recorder - which notes on the staff
correspond to which holes on the instrument - just recently.  While I
agree that keyboard is best for music theory, for simply learing notes
on a page and intervals, recorders are much less expensive and easier to
carry around.  They're also relatively easy to learn, unlike, say, a

As for learning keys, there are 2 simple tricks when you are at that
stage for determining the key.  Once the key is determined, all music
(aside from the occasional sharp or flat within the music itself) can be
relegated to the "do-re-mi" scale.  (Thanks to "The Sound of Music" this
is a commonly known scale.)  The "do" will simply move to a different
starting point on the staff, which is, of course, determined by one of
the two aforementioned tricks.

Then you just have rhythm to learn, which is strictly mathematical.  I'm
not saying it will be easy - it won't.  But it's worth it.

ps - AFTER you have learned to read music, if you have an IBM-compatible
computer, ask me about the $50 music program I compose my music on.  It
allows you to listen as you go, so if you make a mistake, you can
correct it on the page before printing it out.
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