minstrel: Happy New Year

Ercil C. Howard-Wroth ercil at astrid.upland.ca.us
Sat Jan 4 03:04:50 PST 1997

A very interesting question - near and dear to my heart.
I am most grieved in my heart to say that I cannot read music almost
at all.  It used to be -not at all - not on my life -.

I started with a recorder and the Usborne book of Recorder and
I bounced around to various other beginning books (to learn the notes 
I wanted to learn).

Low and behold (really) I actually started without meaning too - to 
read music.  The only thing that holds me back is that I am 
committed to many things and I can't spend enough time.  It is the
sad truth, but I say to myself that later in life I will have more
time for my music, now I have mostly my children (2 and 5 yrs). 

I would also say that at about age 45 my stepfather began to learn
to play piano and read music, both of which he had no clue about
previously.  He is now incredibly good ( 11 yrs later).

So the answer to your question is - Yes - with your own determination,
time, and self discipline (as well as $5 for a recorder and $5 for a 
book - check your library and do some photocopying if nec.).

Have lots of fun - I found it fascinating.  There are also computer
programs - tons of books - and often you can get into a group lesson
situation through music stores that is very inexpensive.  I did that too.
Like any muscle it takes workouts and training.  Learning music is the same

This is my perspective and I am musically a beginner. (but I can now 
with a bit of practice follow dance music with a group - practice is 
the key - I can't do it cold).


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