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Amy Wilson wilson at mrs.org
Fri Jan 3 11:55:01 PST 1997

Thanks, everyone, for the interesting input so far on methods of teaching
music to adults.  I share Ellisif's 'disadvantage' of having learned to read
music so young that I don't remember the process, and you all have helped jog
my memory substationally (although I learned it as, "Every good boy deserves
fudge." Maybe that's why I find chocolate such a powerful motivator ;)).  Keep
those tips coming, and I'll let you know how I do with this group.

Appropos of nothing, I heard an interesting piece on NPR this morning about
the St. James Cathedral choir in Denver, Colorado, which has just completed
its 5th CD recording.  Their work is notable for its strict adherence to the
English tradition of plainsong -- clear, pure tones, sung with no vibrato, in
order that the sound of the choir is not defeated by the tremendously live
environment of the cathedral (which creates a four-second tone-decay time !!).
 Does my ol' early-music, polyphonic heart good to know that somebody still
values a beautiful straight tone. :)  The reporter spent a nice bit of time
describing the architecture of the church and the director's techniques for
working with the choir.  They played a clip of Barber's "Agnus Dei" that gave
me chills.  Very nice.  You may want to check them out if you can find any of
their recordings.

Cheers, and a pleasant weekend to you all,

Lady Catelin the Patient			Sunderoak, BMDL, AEthelmearc
wilson at mrs.org						"Patientia est virtus"

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