minstrel: Re: [SCA-CAID:8488] Re: Suggestions Please/Bruise Envy

TrueRhymer at aol.com TrueRhymer at aol.com
Thu Jan 2 12:18:02 PST 1997

Oh Sure, here we go, the Macho Warrior Types, describing their colorful
bruises.....you never hear the Bards indulging in such behavior. 

 "Why I remember, I was climbing through the tent lines of Drafn, pitch
black, and I fall over this fire ring, taking out my left foot, and I come
down on this shield, which neatly slides out from under my other foot, and
then after I climb out of some guys tent, with men, women, sheep, yelling and
screaming and bleating , I stumble into another encampment, and then they
want me to sing the opening Aria's from the Ring Cycle....well 12 hours
later, my voice sound like a rock tumbler...I look like hell, and I get a
summons to the Royal Court......"

( True/ Thomas White Hart, who is slightly miffed at never being invited to
the "Macho, No-Skippy-I wuz-there, Bruise modeling contests)

Reason #4
Why the Bards are smiling as the Warriors head off to war....
(A Smaller Shower Line) 
Neener-neener-neener (official Time honored Celtic Taunt)_/;{]}

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