Period Storytelling

Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Sun Dec 31 20:17:48 PST 1995

On Dec 21, 17:19, Mark Ramsden wrote:

> I know that tales of Athurian legend and Robin Hood were most popular in the
> era, but I'm unsure of the general opinion of stories involving magic and
> monsters.  I am, mundanely, interested in writing fantasy literature for
> money (not as an entire career, however), and wondered if any of the art
> might be of use within the SCA. (With adjustments, of course).

I can't tell you much about magic in period stories, but Cariadoc does
have a lovely article in his _Miscellany_ on period sources for
stories, which I can e-mail to anyone who's interested.

Gregory Blount

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