Period Storytelling

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Sat Dec 23 08:14:38 PST 1995

Mark Ramsden wrote:

> I've noticed that very little has been mentioned on the topic of storytelling:
> the field of bardic art I am most interested in, and have formed a question or
> two to pose for those interested in answering.
> I know that tales of Athurian legend and Robin Hood were most popular in the
> era, but I'm unsure of the general opinion of stories involving magic and
> monsters.  I am, mundanely, interested in writing fantasy literature for
> money (not as an entire career, however), and wondered if any of the art
> might be of use within the SCA. (With adjustments, of course).

Greetings, Borden Anstruther, from another aspiring Bard who is interested in the 
storytelling arts.

For your reference, I am Lark of Cire Freunlaven, Kingdom of An Tir, Shire of 
Gleann Dubh.  For rough reference, picture me near the Great Mouse Dragon With Big 
Red Shorts. I focus now on music, but am a writer of Swords and Sorcery and have 
labored in the past as a teller of tales-in-the-night-sky.

I also am new to much of this, but I have discovered in the people of my kingdom a 
great love of heroic tales, and their imagination is much the same as that of the 
old world.  There are certainly dragons in the deep waters of all three of our 
seas, and a great shaman can indeed bring to life again the flesh of a mighty hero 
slain treacherously in battle.  These occurrences are often accompanied with fire 
and smoke.  I have seen no magic swords - these would put a worthy opponent at a 
great disadvantage on the battlefield - but I have told the tale of Persues, with 
his winged shoes, and found it met with approval.  I would suggest that any device 
you find in stories of the era you are free to use in stories of your own 
construction.  Be careful, of course - to my knowledge, there was only ONE sword in 
recorded history that was drawn from a stone.  This is a sacred sword. Do not abuse 
Excalibur's privilege.

Any other comments or opinions?  Please feel fre to correct me if I have erred.  I 
am a bard in training, and should accept criticism with grace befitting such 


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