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I used to have a great mail package that showed exactly what would be 
posted when I forwarded a message. Now I use Netscape, so if you see the 
following message twice, talk to them about it.

The message I'm both attaching and copying regards, I assume, the same 
"Trinity College" harp that has been referred to as the "Queen Mary" 
harp; an authentic, period design.  The original is on display at the 
Historical Harp Society headquarters.  I know nothing about either the 
seller or the harp, but if anyone is in the market for a period harp, 
this is worth consideration.  If you consider it seriously, get a few 
second opinions unless you are local enough to see the harp yourself.

>My friend Phee Sherline would like to sell her mother-in-law's harp.  
>This is a 24 string "Trinity College" (wire)  harp made by Jay Witcher 
>in 1975. She is asking $800.  Call her at 619-723-7255, e-mail to 
>phees at aol.com or write her at 927 Morro Road in Fallbrook, CA  92028.
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