Period Storytelling

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Thu Dec 21 16:19:41 PST 1995

Greetings, cheerful bards of all borders!  As introduction, I am (unofficially)
Borden Anstruther, a most recent member of the SCA and an aspiring bard. *grin*

To place a context, I am from within the Kingdom of An Tir, far north within
the borders of Avacal.

I have been watching silently from the shadows for some time, familiarizing
myself with the ways of this etherial bardic gathering...

I've noticed that very little has been mentioned on the topic of storytelling:
the field of bardic art I am most interested in, and have formed a question or
two to pose for those interested in answering.

I know that tales of Athurian legend and Robin Hood were most popular in the
era, but I'm unsure of the general opinion of stories involving magic and
monsters.  I am, mundanely, interested in writing fantasy literature for
money (not as an entire career, however), and wondered if any of the art
might be of use within the SCA. (With adjustments, of course).

Until I 'net again, farewell! *grin*

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