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On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Sharon Goetz wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Dec 1995 kohrn at wrote:
> > remembe of museum (somewhere in Northern England) that had a pretty good
> > collection of medieval instruments too.  I suppose it might come
> > down to what you call medieval.  Has anything survived from the "dark
> > ages"?
> According to the comprehensive catalog of finds at Sutton Hoo, there's a 
> lute-like instrument whose remains have been found.  It's identifiably a 
> string instrument, but I expect it'd be a little difficult to tell how it 
> had been tuned (I don't recall what the original post was asking).  The 
> Sutton Hoo site's date is sometime in the seventh century (opinions vary).
> --Bronach

Actually, it reconstructs into something more like a lyre. I am digging 
in my refs for specific pre-1450 musical instrument survivals.....

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