Musical Assertions (fwd)

Carol J. Cannon cjcannon at
Fri Dec 8 08:19:11 PST 1995

   Poor Lady Cynthia, I've a feeling she's about to be overrun with 
examples of those instruments that have... <smile>  I'll forward your 
responses to her gladly.--Gra/inne

Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 06:02:25 -0800
From: Cvirtue
     I now have another medieval music CD, and in the liner notes is an
assertion which I have a difficult time believing.  Those of you who are
musically inclined, would you please comment on the following? 
     "Appropriately like the dinosaurs -- that is, quite without explaination
-- no medieval instruments whatsoever have survived, so that we are thrown
back completely on the often ambiguous iconography of the period (stained
glass, paintings, etc. ) for our knowledge of these, plus a few scattered
references in contemporary treatises to the tuning of instruments which in
most cases we cannot even identify positively with those illustrated." 

Musically Unsophisticated in Crosston

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