pre-1600 ballads project update

Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Tue Nov 28 16:49:43 PST 1995

Well, the deadline for teaching a class about ballads draws nigh, and
of course I'm behind schedule on the research, so it's going to be
less singing and more staring at lyrics. I did manage to scan in a few
facsimilies of broadside ballads, of which one has music and one is a
nice patriotic ditty about the fall of Amsterdam. Included with the
stuff I've transcribed are a few broadside ballads which are done to
well-known tunes, so you could sing them today if you're
interested. I've included a list... send me email or look at the web
page for the words, and let me know how they sounded.

-- Gregory Blount

A warning to London by the fall of Antwerp
To the tune of Rovv vvel ye Mariners.

A proper new balade expressyng the fames,
Concerning a warning to al London dames.
To the tune of the blacke Almaine.

A New Courtly Sonnet of the Lady Green Sleeves. To the new tune of
Green sleeves (1580). [ I also have an alternative older melody, if
you hate the tune as much as I do... ]

A Proper Sonnet Wherein the Lover Dolefully Sheweth His Grief to His
L. & requireth pity. To the tune of Row well ye mariners

A Proper Sonnet Intituled Maid Will You Marry? To the Black almain

An Excellent Song of an Outcast Lover. To All in a garden green
[ fits Playford if you repeat 3rd phrase of B ]

The Lover Complaineth the Absence of His Lady. To the New almain

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