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Dave & Laura McKinstry dalm at
Sat Nov 25 11:29:32 PST 1995

Fond Greetings to those of all kingdoms:

I just found several delightful SCA songbooks, and I need to know if 
any are still in print, and if so, how to order them.  The 
information I have on them is about 10 years old.  They look like 
non-professional publications, so I'm not sure the re-order info is 
good. If anyone has further information on later printings of these 
books, please let me know:

	The Wurm Wald Post-Revel Songbook/The Second Wurm Walk P-RS 
	Edited by Ernest Clark
	Published in 1984/1986 by: 
	Off Centaur Publications
	P.O. Box 424
	El Cerrito, CA 94530
	(415) 528-3172

And the third, published in AS XIX is:
	Elf Hill Times Song Book
	c/o Pam Perryman
	1908 Oak Street
	Eugene, OR  97405

The most wonderful thing about these songbooks is that they have the 
melodies as WELL as the words, for those of us who forget unless 
they've heard it a few times.  I heard "Geordie" once, and still have 
a tough time remembering the tune, but a quick glance at the melody 
and I'm fine.

-Lark of Cire Freunlaven
Gleann Dubh, Trimaris

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