16th century Spanish songs

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I saw this posting on rec.org.sca, and though you folks would find it
interesting. Kristina is the editor of a collection of SCA dance
music, by the way. I've added this book to the early music annotated
bibliography that I maintain, and I'd love to hear about any similar

-- greg


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Blatant ad for a book I'm going to buy myself from Early Music Press.

"Spanish Romances of the Sixteenth Century", Thomas Binkley and Margit Frenk.
The Spanish romances are an important genre of Renaissance song that had
strong ties to both medieval and Renaissance performance practices.  This book
presents all 35 of the extant romanecs preserved as solo songs, transcribed
in modern notation with accompaniement for the vihuela da mano.

In addition to the music and the text underlay, T.B. and M.F. provide the
complete narratives on which the songs are based, as well as commentaries
on the songs drawn from the tablatures by eight contemporaneous scholars.
Alll texts and commentaries are given in the original Spanish and in English
translation.  78 pp of music, 192 pp total.  $16.00

This book is available from Indiana University press, 1-800-842-6796.

The other early music in this mailig are Ockeghem's Missa Cuiusvis Toni (15th
C contrapuntal style), Doulce memoire (16th C musical attitudes), Reed design
for early woodwinds (instructional, Renaissance instruments), a catalog of
music for the cornett, and a study of the Lira da Braccio, a "missing link"
instrument between the medieval fiddle and modern violin.

As always, please support the nice people who write these books!  Happy singing
and playing to everyone.


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