Period Music of Scotland

David McKinstry dalm at
Thu Nov 16 04:41:30 PST 1995

It's been touched on before, but I have some additional info. The 
Baltimore Consort put out a CD called "On the Banks of the Helicon" which 
is, for the most part, period, and that which isn't is still before 1700. 

Here comes the great part - the sheet music for must of it is in "Musica 
Britannica" Volume XV, Scotland 1500-1700, as well as a bunch of other 
wonderful music.

This combination is a good, quick way to determine what you like/want to 
play, and then actually put your hands on the transcription! Those that 
are on CD and in the book, to my recollection, are "In a Garden so 
Green", "Lustie May", "Come, my CHildren Dere", "Like as the Dum 
Solsequiem" and the one I really needed (Multiple vocals offset by half a 
bar) "My Heartly Service" which I find humorous. It's aslo called "The 
Pleugh (plow) Song" in some texts, I understand. There's good liner notes 
on the CD that tells you more about the song.

I found Musica Britannica (sp?) in the Central Florida Universtiy 
library, therefor I believe it can't be that hard to find elsewhere, 
though most likely in college libraries. You might even find the CD in a 
good library, if you want to give it a test run for free.  I have fallen 
in love with the CD and wouldn't be without it, but if all else fails, 
call your local NPR station and request one or more of these songs. 
"Children" and "Heartly" are the lively ones, the others are more sedated, 
with "Garden" being quite poignant. "May" is a perfect song for the 
spring season - quite danceable. Halfway between sedate and lively.

Anybody else have some good pointers on recorded/transcribed combinations?

Lark of Cire Freunlaven
Gleann Dubh, Trimaris

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