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Greetings, one and all, from Grannia--
    Knowing how we all love a challenge, it behooves me to forward this 
one to you, until Lord Johan cries 'Enough already!'  Enjoy!--Grannia

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> Subject: Three Bad Peers Song Contest
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> And now for a nice, juicy rumor.
> A highly placed administrative person in the SCA, Inc. (who shall remain
> nameless, at least in this note) purportedly was overheard telling someone
> that one of the Problems with AEthelmearc was that there were Three Bad Peers
> living there.  These three are: Master Bertram of Bearington, Mistress
> Ellisif Flakkari, and me, Master Johan von Traubenberg. 
> O-: WOW :-O 
> After all of those years of striving for notoriety, it finally arrived.  And
> just think of all of the competition that we beat out!.  There are a few
> things we'd like to know about this though.  Things like "What was the point
> system used?" and "What was the context of this comment?".  If anybody knows
> the answers to these and related questions, we'd love to know.
> Given that this is a truly momentous accolade, we feel it is only right that
> it be commemorated in a appropriate fashion.  Therefore, it gives me great
> pleasure to announce the "Three Bad Peers" song contest.  These songs should
> be suitably serious, as in the partial examples below and must be in my
> hands, via US- or E-mail by no later than November 30th.  (Send e-mail to
> JVONT at AOL.COM and US-Mail to J. Kasper, 716 N. St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, PA
> 15206.) The winner of the contest will be announced at the "Wile the Winter
> Away" event in BMDL, on December 2.  There will be some sort of appropriate
> prize.
> Sample song fragments:
>      (To the tune of "Three Blind Mice")
>          Three Bad Peers, Three Bad Peers
>          (Something Something, Something Something)
>          Bertram and Johan and Ellisif,
>          (More somethings)
>      (And a more seasonal effort)
>           We three Peers of AEthelmearc are,
> With tongue firmly in cheek,
> Johan
Cannon, Carol J. Bell       cjcannon at        Grannia [in the SCA]
'Life is so short, the craft so long to learn.'--Hippocrates' Aphorisms. 
I.i.,  5th cent. BC

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