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   This is a new magazine (okay, it's a comic book) that I highly recommend
to folk musicians, particularly those who enjoy celtic or other old
   Charles Vess is a highly regarded artist in the comic industry, and he has
begun self-publishing graphic interpretations of old songs and legends. 
In addition to Vess' excellent black & white drawings, the book will
feature stories by writers such as Charles DeLint, Jane Yolen, and Emma
Bull.  The first issue includes an essay on old ballads and modern folk by
Terri Windling and a discography and notes by Ken Roseman. 
Sories in the first issue are "Thomas the Rhymer" with text by Sharon
McCrumb, "False Knight on the Road" with text by Neil Gaiman, and the
first part of "Skade" with text by Robert Walton.  Vess notes that future
issues will include more articles and feedback, plus discographies and
interviews with ballad singers.
   Overall, this thing blew me away.  I found it in my local comic book store
and I plan to read it regularly.  It's $2.95 an issue in the shop, or you
can mail order single issues at $3.95 or subscriptions at $20 for six
issues from Vess at
  Green Man Press,  10518 Rich Valley Road, Bristol, VA 24202
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