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Dave & Laura McKinstry dalm at
Wed Nov 1 13:22:00 PST 1995

>	Does anyone know of a music program which will:
>		a) allow midi imput
>		b) allow keyboard input
>		c) allow keyboard editing of music input via midi
>		d) allow for variable formats (i.e. lines per page,
>			using either single clef or double clef music, etc.
>		e) print decent music once all is said and done.

"Music Time", an $80 package put out by the creators of "Encore" (the latter
being a several-hundred-dollar package) will do this.  Naturally, Music Time
has limitations - if it didn't, no one would spend money on Encore.
However, if you want sheet music for  piano-vocal-guitar, like you would
find in a sheet music store, "MT" will do it. I play into my MIDI keyboard,
telling "MT" to approximate to the nearest eigth note (thus eliminating my
own imperfections) and then play with it on my screen.  If it's something
simple, or I'm not good enough to play into my MIDI keyboard, I enter it
into my computer keyboard - with a mouse and the number keys (to tell it the
duration of the note).

NOTE: Regarding the flaws noted by Shadows, I seem to have a later version
that fixed his version's flaws.  Slurs can be problematic, but once you get
the hang of it they're OK - of the other points mentioned (ie:
click-and-drag of notes, bad snap-to-grid) there is no longer a problem. ANd
by now, the flaws I'VE noticed may even be fixed! 

One flaw I noticed - the metronome on MT is very quiet, and I haven't yet
found a way to make it louder - that doesn't NECESSARILY mean it can't be
done, I just haven't figured out how. I find it's best if you can move your
computer keyboard aside while inputting MIDI, and have your MIDI keyboard
right in front of the screen so you can both hear and see the metronome for
MIDI entry (the metronome tracks across the bars, ticking off each quarter
note both visually and audibly).  It's got full cut and paste (great for
accompaniment), so getting off by a beat isn't a total disaster, though a
half-beat is a pain, but it's preferable to get it in right the first time.

For $80, it's a decent package. Personally, I love it, but I have nothing to
compare it to except pen and napkins. It is, for the most part, intuitive -
I've referred to the manual a couple of times, used the help menu a few
times, but for the most part, I just go for it and things USUALLY work the
way I expect them to.  Those that don't are pretty well documented, and make
sense once you understand how they are done.

Any further questions regarding this software, let me know and I'll answer
to the best of my ability.


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