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Wed Nov 1 12:12:06 PST 1995

   Since I have UCD's music cataloger 'captive' in the cubicle next to 
mine & available to respond to the occasional reference question, I sent 
Brian's request to him.  Here is the reply.--Grannia

  There's something called Music Time, which I think does most, if not all, 
of what he wants. I've attached below an abstract of a review of some 
programs, including this one.
Michael Colby				Music Librarian
mdcolby at			University of California, Davis

1. Dyszel, Bill.
     Music software to soothe the savage PC. (includes related article on 
   sound cards) (After Hours) (Software Review) (Evaluation)
     PC Magazine v14, n1 (Jan 10, 1995):363 (2 pages).
     Pub Type:  Evaluation.
     Type D 1 TEXT to see article text.
    Four musical software packages are reviewed. Midisoft Corp's $49.95 Music
    Mentor and $39.95 Multimedia Songbook are educational packages that guide
    the user through musical topics and a collection of electronic scores for
    playing on MIDI sound cards respectively. Music Mentor has many lessons
and guided practice sessions and includes an historical time line for 
placing musical pieces in context; the Songbook is a CD-ROM with over 190 songs
in seven categories: Holiday Favorites, Kids' Songs, Classics, Jazz Hits, Pop
Tunes, International and Inspirational. The Instrument Gallery contains
 information about the instruments used to record the songs. Passport
    Designs Inc's $99 MusicTime is a scaled-down version of the company's
    Encore professional notation package and has some unique features that
will appeal to novices, such as QWERTY keyboard input. It also acts as a
    rudimentary sequencer and MIDI editor. Ibis Software's $59.95 Soloist can
    recognize pitch from a microphone; it is a simple music education game
that teaches note reading. 

> From: Brian Wilkins <sfej1 at>
> To: Bardic Discussion <bardic at>
> Cc: Brian Wilkins <sfej1 at>
> Subject: Music program, 
> 	Hello everyone,
> 	While the subject of music programs is fresh on everyone's minds...
> 	Does anyone know of a music program which will:
> 		a) allow midi imput
> 		b) allow keyboard input
> 		c) allow keyboard editing of music input via midi
> 		d) allow for variable formats (i.e. lines per page,
> 			using either single clef or double clef music, etc.
> 		e) print decent music once all is said and done.
> 	I'm not interested in playing the music on my PC so I don't much
> care whether the program does so, I am looking to edit and arrange music
> to print off. 
> 	This doesn't have to be a share-ware program (although I suppose 
> it would be nice), I'm looking for suggestions for any program that will 
> allow the above functions.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Brian

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