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Bill Hodghead billho at
Wed Nov 1 08:55:21 PST 1995

I'd like to put in another plug for Musictime. This is a $50 program at 
Egghead and is the low-end music program in a line of pretty good 
programs.  I've a fairly recent version for Windows, and while there 
are some limitations (it ignores repeat symbols on playback), it does 
the main thing I wanted: I can put words below the notes and guitar 
chords or tabulature above them with reasonable formating. It will do 
all the things you've mentioned below.

| From: shadows  <shadows at>
| > 	Does anyone know of a music program which will:
| > 		a) allow midi imput
| > 		b) allow keyboard input
| > 		c) allow keyboard editing of music input via midi
| > 		d) allow for variable formats (i.e. lines per page,
| > 			using either single clef or double clef music, etc.
| There is a program called 'musictime' that can do all of these things.
| I used to have a keyboard connected to a roland which I used to input
| music into music time, and then I would by hand edit the song to make
| it look like something reasonable.
| The version I have is several years old, and there are some problems...
| for starters, the notes and so forth are selected by clicking on a panel
| and dragging them to the appropriate clef. Slurs are nearly impossible
| to write. And sometimes it's snap to grid function  goes haywire.
| Anyway, I hope this helps.
| Shadows

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