Music program,

Brian Wilkins sfej1 at
Tue Oct 31 22:22:45 PST 1995

	Hello everyone,

	While the subject of music programs is fresh on everyone's minds...

	Does anyone know of a music program which will:
		a) allow midi imput
		b) allow keyboard input
		c) allow keyboard editing of music input via midi
		d) allow for variable formats (i.e. lines per page,
			using either single clef or double clef music, etc.
		e) print decent music once all is said and done.

	I'm not interested in playing the music on my PC so I don't much
care whether the program does so, I am looking to edit and arrange music
to print off. 

	This doesn't have to be a share-ware program (although I suppose 
it would be nice), I'm looking for suggestions for any program that will 
allow the above functions.



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