Wire-strung harp

Jennifer Tifft jgtifft at sybase.com
Fri Oct 13 10:01:30 PDT 1995

I have found that having my nails done with the acrylic overlay
(not press on or glue-on - but acrylic powder bonded to the nail
surface with a cyanoacrylate (Sp?) solution (superglue)) works
very well indeed. This is what those ladies in the manicure
parlors do. It comes in clear, and I get mine filled about every
three weeks. 

Several guitarists of my acquaintance do the same, and it works
well for them too.

Wander Riordan
owner, and very occasional player of a 25 string Markwood Minstrel
made of dark walnut.

jgtifft at sybase.com

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