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Thu Oct 12 12:36:36 PDT 1995

   FYI only.--cjc

From: hmtrad at cais.com (Wendy Morrison)
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Subject: announcing House of Musical Traditions Web Page
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 1995 22:06:22 -0400
   House of Musical Traditions (HMT) now on the World Wide Web at
HMT sells folk, ethnic, and unusual instruments, books and recordings from
the US and the world. Our Web site has the complete HMT instrument catalog
The site also includes useful info like "How to care for your squeezebox"
and special-interest lists like "Klezmer and related music books & recordings."
Some pictures of instruments, photos of HMT staff; some music soundbytes, humor.
    We're adding and updating constantly, so we welcome your comments and
House of Musical Traditions, Inc
email inquiries to hmtrad at cais.com
7040 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912
301-270-9090  fax 301-270-3010, toll free in US 800-540-3794

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