Wire-strung harp

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Tue Oct 10 15:41:15 PDT 1995

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Jennifer Bogut wrote:

> I am wondering if anyone on this list can recommend a source of 
> information for learning how to "dampen" strings while playing 
> wire-strung harps.  I just purchased a wire-strung harp, and am used 
> to the nylon strings, and have no one to show me in person.  Is there 
> perhaps a good book, instructional tape, or whatever, out there that 
> I'm not aware of?
> Please advise!  Thank you!
> Also, were harps played on the left or right shoulder in the Middle 
> Ages and Renaissance?  Is there documentation somewhere out there for 
> this?
> Thanks
> Lady Carthann Bean Eachann
> (Jennifer Bogut)

Wire strung harps were played on the left shoulder, gut strung on the right.
See most pictures of them in action for the docs....also LOOK at the 
construction of a period wire-strung harp. The way the top-arm is -centered-
on the box, holding on the left shoulder is simply the most practical.

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