Ancient Music?

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Greetings from Lark. Just out netting, and for your cross-reference, this
was on the harp list regarding sources for Anglo Saxon music (from around
England) in the 12th-14th centuries.  Thought you'd be interested.

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>Dear Nikii,
>	There is a great video out called "The Story of English" which is 
>available in the video collection of many libraries because of its 
>popularity. There is one section of it where they show a fellow playing a 
>small harp recreating a song performance of the early English poem 
>"Beowulf" that may be something you can use in your presentation. 
>	Good luck with your presentation!

and on a later posting:

Your welcome Nikki (sorry for not quite getting your name right)
	Also, there is a singer and player of harp whose name is John 
Fleagle who both solos and performs with Project Ars Nova (PAN) who I 
believe has recorded music from as close to this era as you are going to 
find available. He is really very good and I'm certain you can find his 
recordings at any big music store. He has a great voice and is right in 
the center of that bardic tradition thing.
	Good luck, again!
>	with a grace-note or two,
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