Boethius vs Erigena

Margritte margritt at
Fri Oct 6 18:06:27 PDT 1995

At 2:46 PM 10/6/95, Harry Miller wrote:
>A question for the learned, to help resolve a dispute:
>Are Erigena and those of similar persuasion correct in dividing the levels
>of music into two, musica naturalis and musica artificialis, or is it
>truly necessary to follow Boethius in a three-fold division of musica
>instrumentalis, musica humana, and musica mundana (or caelestis)?
>Are Boethius' first two levels different in a meaningful way?

I don't know how others on the list feel, but I for one would like to be
educated. For those of us who have no idea you are talking about, please
give some more information on the above subject, or at least tell us where
we can look for more info. Thanks.


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