Decameron Reading Night was (Re: Musicial authenticity)

Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Sep 27 13:44:46 PDT 1995

>Another thing you can do is change the nature of the bardic event. As 
>an example of this, we plan to do a Decameron reading night in about 
>two weeks and take turns reading from text rather like a play reading. 
>Our hope is that by making the work more interactive, the length won't 
>be such an issue.
>Liam Mac Mhuire

Could you elaborate a little more about what you mean here? It sounds 
interesting and it may be something I would like to see happen in my 
neck of the sca. Is everyone reading from one long story or are they 
reading several shorter stories? Are they from the Decameron? Or are 
they plays? Or something else? Is it more formal or laid back?

Estrill Swet

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