Musicial authenticity

Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Wed Sep 27 09:33:31 PDT 1995

On Sep 18, 13:31, Robin Hilp wrote:

> This raises a related question in my mind:  To what extent should an SCA 
> performance be modified for modern tastes?  If I were to perform stories 
> from the Decameron as it is written, my audience would be asleep halfway 
> through the apologies.  OTOH I can spice-up my delivery with modern body 
> language and idioms and keep my audience chuckling.  I'm still wondering 
> whether I'll always have to compromise between authenticity and fun.

That's a question that I'm asking myself as I'm doing the pre-1600
ballads project. Fortunately they aren't long epics which would bore a
modern audience to death (unless you have some wonderful way of
performing them), but they do have a lot of lines which don't make
much sense unless you know some strange words. I intend to print both
the original and something which is "modernized" enough that
everything makes sense to Joe Audience.

Gregory Blount

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