New! Book of Early Scots Music

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This just appeared on the harp mailing list, and it looks of interest to the
bards of SCA:

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>New! Book of Early Scots music
>I have finally finished and published my transcriptions of two early
>lute manuscripts from Scotland, originally written in tablature.  The Sir   
>William of Mure Rowallan Ms. was written ca.1618; the Graham copy of the
>Straloch ms.,ca. 1627-1629.  Many of the tunes are entitled "port", most 
>likely indicating their origins as harp music.Some of the music can be 
>defined as "musik fyne"- music played in the courts and manors of 17th 
>century Scotland. Some show a clear French influence with dance titles
>such as "curent",and "volte".  There was a great deal of cross-pollination
>in music of this time, not only among Scotland, England and France, but
>among the genres of music within Scotland, from ballad to street music
>to court and back again via song, dance, and through the church, which 
>often used  popular songs and laundered the words. Whatever the source, this
>music is delightful, and deserves to be heard again.
>My book is titled "Castle and Court Music of Scotland".  It contains 52 pages,
>37 tunes. I have transcribed those melodies that I found most playable on
>the wire, gut or nylon harp, though they work very well on guitar, keyboard
>or any combination that plays treble and bass.
>If you would like a copy,  please send email to 
>  dragontales at
>and you will get further information.  
>Cynthia Crawford

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