ABC Notation for tunes

Doris Diedrich dido at
Fri Sep 22 04:23:54 PDT 1995

Ladys and Lords,
Hi Jed (its Lady Rigani, and how did you know, Rigani is another form 
of Rhiannon ?? ;)
Hi Dave and Laura ,
Greetings to Lady Grannia,
Here is, first, the appropriate ftp site where you can get playabc and
abcmtex from.
Its playabc.someting (plays tunes in abc-notation) 
and something like abcmtex (translates abc-notation to mtex)
I can surely add some infos how to compile and how to use abc.
And I have there a short intro to abc around, so I should be
able to help out from difficulties.
I think I'll mail that intro around.
One word, til now I only used abcthings on a sun-worstation.
It _should_ work also on pc.
You have to try out.

Anyway I think I'll look what I find on infos and add some more 
how-to-compile-without-getting-mad rules.
Give me some time to do so.

Rigani vom Rabenwald
...Behind every successful woman, there's a dirty house..

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