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Dave & Laura McKinstry dalm at enterprise.america.com
Tue Sep 19 17:52:00 PDT 1995

>Kevin wrote:
>> I'm curious to see stories, song lyrics, etc.  I agree that original 
>> music might be difficult on a e-mail list, but who knows.
>Hmm. I really would love to hear _new_ 'self-made' music and lyrics.
>As far as I know, it was usual for bards (and for minstrels and whatever)
>to create their own lyrics. So, would'n it be great to share those things ?

>But for those without such problems:
>How about sharing tunes (music) via e-mail in abc Notation ?

I've been wanting to get the abc-thing straightened out on my computer,
maybe you could help?  I found that site a long time ago, but there aren't
any clear directions on exactly WHICH files are required for any given
system, and which are not, or what exact step-by-step process will get you
from raw music to raw file, or raw file to raw music, or from either to
something usable.  And I have little patience with computers, I'm afraid.  I
processsed something, but I have no idea what the process actually did - I
still didn't have recognizable music on the other end.

Could you give some you-can't-possibly-screw-this-up-if-you-do-it-this-way
lessons to those of us who aren't as computer-friendly?  I'd be in your
debt... and I do have an original song I'm hoping to have ready for the
"Vivat! Trimaris II" tape that, with any luck, will have enough performers
to be recorded in early December.  I'm afraid my musical style is currently
more folk than medieval, but at least it's a bit on the Native American side
of folk, and there were, after all, a few Native Americans in the European
courts back then, I'm told.  But the story line is all SCA - the creation of
a household, the trials and tribulations of their leader and the shaman.
True story. Really,  I was there when the great Noyen was resurrected!
Exactly the kind of heroics that moves a bard to write an epic ballad. So I
did. Hope to do it again sometime. :)

Lark of Cire Freunlaven, 
the Kingdom of Trimaris

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