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Doris Diedrich dido at coli.uni-sb.de
Tue Sep 19 03:11:45 PDT 1995

Kevin wrote:
> I'm curious to see stories, song lyrics, etc.  I agree that original 
> music might be difficult on a e-mail list, but who knows.
Hmm. I really would love to hear _new_ 'self-made' music and lyrics.
As far as I know, it was usual for bards (and for minstrels and whatever)
to create their own lyrics. So, would'n it be great to share those things ?

I, by myself have wrote till now some new lyrics. But I have problems with
music writing. Well. That's life, maybe in future.
(And there might be another problem, too. My lyriks are in german. Easiest
for me. )

But for those without such problems:
How about sharing tunes (music) via e-mail in abc Notation ?
That's a translation of musical notes and chords in an ASCII-format.
There is _free_ software on the net to play those tunes in abc format on a
computer and there is software too to translate abc in a format, musictex
uses to make nice layouts.
I personally use it since a year or so and it works fine.
So maybe, that abc format is a solution for us ?

Maybe someone has the ftp-site handy ?
If not, I will e-mail it to you.
Give me some time to do so.

Rigani vom Rabenwald (Newbe on SCA and like-to-be bard)
...Behind every successful woman, there's a dirty house..

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