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Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Wed Sep 13 19:41:51 PDT 1995

On Sep 13,  7:46, Dave & Laura McKinstry wrote:

> I've ransacked their stores and found "Ancient Irish music"
> btu the years refernces are, egocentrically enough, the year the man wrote
> them down in, not the years they date back to.  It was done in the 1800s, so
> I don't know whether any of the music is period, and it's strictly melodies.

I believe this is actually a typical practice for people who are
"collecting" folk music -- after all, the only thing that you _know_
is that person X heard it and wrote it down on date Y. The tunes
themselves are presumably going though the "folk music process", so
even if they started before 1600, they would have changed in the 200
years before they were written down.

Thanks for the CD recommendations, both you and the other folks who
made them; I'm going to collect them into a discography. And if anyone
wants to review the bardic-related Compleat Anachronists, I'm all

Gregory Blount

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