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Wed Sep 13 11:28:55 PDT 1995

For Lark and others interested in this thread:

A couple of ideas on sources for period music: for those who like to learn by
ear, I can recommend two CDs I've found: _Pleasures of Their Company_ with
Christopher Parkening (guitar) and Kathleen Battle (soprano), and 
_Madrigal History Tour_ by King's Singers.  Both have a plethora of 
period music, and some lyrics in the liner notes.  I think there's another
King's Singers CD with period tunes on it but the name escapes me at the 

For sheet music, I've gotten most of my collections of period music, such as 
Playford's Dancing Master or Arbeau's Orchesography, or the Oxford Book of
Carols (which has many tunes, both in and out of period), via a local shop.  
If you know the name of the publication you want to order, these folks are 
a GREAT resource for sheet music via mail order:

    Sheet Music Service of Portland
    34 NW 8th Avenue
    Portland, OR  97209

They have a huge collection, and do mail order on invoice for stuff that's
not in stock.  I've found them very knowledgable and helpful.

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