crowd control for harpers

Heather Rose Jones hrjones at
Wed Sep 13 08:28:06 PDT 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Dave & Laura McKinstry wrote:

> This method can be used with non-lyric music as well.  For example, the
> Skye-boat song, ("Over Sea and Sky") which, DOES have lyrics, but is often
> played without them.  Find out if anyone has a baby, and tell them the song
> is about a ship that will carry the infant that is the crown prince through
> the sky (By the way, can anyone tell me what this song is really about? It
> sounds like it's about death, but you don't have to tell them that.)  Ask

That's "Over the sea TO _Skye_", i.e. the isle of Skye off the northwest 
coast of Scotland. The song's about Bonnie Prince Charlie, and he wasn't 
exactly a baby at the time. Isn't the folk process wonderful?


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