Musical authenticity (was "Hunting the Wren")

Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Sun Sep 10 18:24:07 PDT 1995

> I believe a serious attempt at recreation of these tunes should not be
> rebuffed.  Perhaps music is an exeption to the SCA rule that things must be
> documented.

I'm confused: what do you think "documentation" means? If you attempt
to sit down and reconstruct music from an era where they didn't write
down nice songbooks for us, then the materials you're working from are
your documentation. If you invent something out of thin air, then you
have no documentation, but that wouldn't be a serious attempt at

> So as you can see, for my persona, alteration of music is MORE period than
> is static reproduction.  And I will stand by this statement.

Fine by me -- I've never met anyone who claimed the converse.

Gregory Blount

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