Greg Lindahl gl8f at
Sun Sep 10 18:15:44 PDT 1995

On Sep 9, 15:53, Heather Rose Jones wrote:

> Appropriateness of material for SCA performance is always a matter of 
> "situational ethics" to me. And I consider the mark of a top-notch SCA 
> entertainer to be the ability to size up the "situation" and perform 
> material appropriate to the occasion -- or refrain from performing if 
> s/he has no material appropriate to _that_ particular occasion.

Situational ethics can get really strange, though: it's common in the
East to have a single bardic circle at an event. You can run into the
same problem in other areas, too: there's generally only one place to
do court dancing. I've seen both situations breed ill feelings in the

Gregory Blount

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