Hunting the Wren

Dave & Laura McKinstry dalm at
Sun Sep 10 15:17:00 PDT 1995

>  I wouldn't mind having the lyrics to that one, whenever it's 
>convenient.  Don't put yourself out to find it, though.  Thanks.  -- Grannia

No problem for a fellow bard! For the melody to this one, see "THe Bells of
Dublin" by the Chieftains, either in the Irish or the Christmas section of
your music store.  As you can see, this fits exactly into the old St.
STephen's Day tradition.

The wren, the wren, the king of all birds 
St. Stephen's Day was caught in the firs 
Although he was little, his honor was great 
Jump up me lads and give us a treat

We followed the wren three miles or more 
Three miles of more, three miles or more 
Through hedges and ditches and heaps of snow 
At six o'clock in the morning

Rolley, Rolley, where is your nest? 
It's in the bush that I love best 
It's in the bush, the holly tree 
Where all the boys do follow me

As I went out to hunt and all 
I met a wren upon the wall 
Up with me wattle and gave him a fall 
And brought him here to show you all

I have a little box under me arm 
A tuppence or penny will do it no harm 
For we are the boys who came your way 
To bring in the wren on St. Stephen's Day

Happy barding! Wait, no, that's horse armor....
-Lark of Cire Freunlaven

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