Ribbon awards (Was: Criteria: Aargh!)

Dick Eney dickeney at access.digex.net
Sun Sep 10 08:59:51 PDT 1995

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Heather Rose Jones wrote:
> (Of course, my stock response is always, "What sort of medieval practice 
> are you trying to emulate and how did _they_ handle the question?" In 
> this case, I mean the use of ribbon-badges at all, not the question of 
> whether it would bother anyone else.)
Well, those who have read the poetic legend of the Land of Cockaigne will 
remember that ribbon-badges were used _there_ -- but in a context that I 
fear will not meet with general approval as something to imitate.  Though 
in that case the ladies of Cockaigne were wont to "pin a fresh ribbon to 
(their) sheets..." rather than wear it on their garb.

-- Master Vuong Manh
   sorry, indelicate jokes are In Period...

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